Byzantine coins for sale

byzantine coins for sale

Byzantine Empire. Justinian I, AD. Large bronze follis, struck year 22 of his reign at Constantinople mint. His helmeted, cuirassed bust facing, holding. Auction prices. Values for Ancient Coins. Byzantine. 91 lots sold since BYZANTINE EMPIRE: Heraclius, , AE follis (g), Sicilian mint, .. Heritage World Coin Auctions - Long Beach Signature Sale , Lot

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Byzantine coins for sale 758
Bust of the virgin. Weight of 3 Nomismata Orichalcum, 20 mm, More-detailed terms of sale are here. See pic for condition. Good very fine.

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Seal Lead, 20 mm, 5. AV Histamenon Nomisma 4. A very interesting and unusual weight. AV histamenon nomisma 25mm, 4. One of the largest coins of visit web page ancient world. Byzanttine, Year 21 at Nicomedia Sear Selection of low grade mixed Roman bronze s most of which are genuine but low grade. This item, just like all of bhzantine other ones, is genuine and from the period described. Size: D: 2. Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus. VF, light scratches. Poor to GVF. SB doins. Poor to NVF [22] More coins like this. Ancient Greece. Demetrius, nimbate, standing facing, holding labarum with triangle and cross-in-circle at apex between them. Sell Your Ancient Coins. One of the largest coins of the ancient world! Want to buy or sell ancient coins? Kind Regards, Ancient Great detail! Need access to more market information? Rome, AD All 202 release node reserved. Bust of the virgin. Schulman b. An early depiction of a Christian cross. From the Poulos Family Collection Https:// artifacts. Weight of 2 Ounkia Orichalcum, 26x26 mm, Ancient Jewelry. Questions about the coin are always welcome. Bronze follis, Constantinople mint. Cross above, B within, KYS below. Why Collect Coins. This one is better! Results coina - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 UK Only. In our opinion Roman and Byzantine modern copies therefore sold as such with no returns. Selection of low grade mixed Roman bronze s most of which are genuine but low grade. Rome, AD Sponsored listings. AV histamenon nomisma 19mm, 7h. Roman bronze and silver from the Republic through to the 4th century AD, click here small module dupondius of Trajan included. Dumbarton Oaks 3, volume 4. Bendall .

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I can why people collect nice high grade ancient coins. George, nimbate, wearing tunic, cuirasse and cloak, holding spear and shield. Robinson, Albany, NY. Gift Products. Ancient Persia. Estimate: Nicephorus II, Heavy bronze follis, Constantinople mint. A very rare and historically important seal. Coinz bronze and silver from the Republic through to the 4th century AD, a small module dupondius of Trajan included. A good selection and of various grades. DOC 16 var. Large bronze follis, Constantinople mint. PCPC Great big coin with nice desert-sand patina! Isaac II, Trachy. Facing bust with short beard, wearing crown and chlamys and holding globus cross. Beardless bust, three quarter face to r, holding spear and wearing helmet and cuirass. Busso Peus DE Dr. byzantine coins for sale

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